My name it Brett Slaski. I'm an IT professional and technologist. I currently work for CEB as a build engineer and programmer. There's some management sprinkeled in here and there still as well. This website, my blog, the content and oppinions are my own.

I was an IT manager for The Synergy Plan, LLC for nine years where we developed an HRIS system on a new framework called Microsoft .NET. At the time making a huge decision to go with .NET and C# opposed to Java. I took my experience from there to Valtera Corporation where I build and hack EOS and 360 survey applications for fortune 100 companies with a great team. With limited resources we've tuned applications and the infrastructure to host ten's of thousands of simultaneous users.

I spend a good amount of my free-time reading about technology. If you see me on the street I almost always have my iPod on. I am not listening to music but podcasts from great shows like .NET Rocks, Hanselminutes, Runas Radio, The Ship Show, and Arrested DevOps (among others).

My wife and I raise two boys who are slowly destroying our house in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Accomplished IT professional with broad experience in Systems Design, Administration and Security, IT Operations Management, Staff Management, and Application Development. Direct business experience in operations, HR, payroll and finance. I am interested in managing IT operations, to build and secure IT infrastructures and software applications utilizing a devops mindset. As a leader I can take instructions as well as deliver them. I always maintain full responsibility for my decisions. I want to make a difference while equally sharing in the rewards and failures within a company.