My favorite type of programming is on tools. Simple-to-use small, powerful applications which often save tons of time.

This area is dedicated to such tools. Many are mine, though there also many by others. I have been wanting a central place to keep my tools for some time and this it. If there is added funtionatliy you need from any of these tools or a tool you know of which would benefit this list send me a message and we can figure out what can be done. I am just getting started here, so check back as I keep added new tools.

  • BD File Hash
    • My first published open-source tool. BD File Hash is a Windows desktop application for hashing files in MD5, SHA-1, SHA2-256, and SHA2-512. There are many little features so the application just "works" the way you want it to.
      Located at
  • Blog by Email
    • Blog by Email allows you to post to your blog by sending an email.
      Blog by Email has been born out of necessity. Not all blog engines out there support the ability to post blog from an email address. Wordpress has a module, Das Blog, Blogengine.NET do not. For some time I have wanted to setup a blog at work to post current happening in the IT department. Have a place where users can go first to see if there are outages. Such a system will never work if network admins or technicians need to login to a blog and create a post... about
      Located at
  • Quick Hash
    • Quick Hash hashes strings of text using many different algorithms. Currently available algorithms are MD5, SHA1, SHA2-256, and SHA2-512. Contact Me if there is another algorithm you are looking to encode in.
  • Text Encode
    • URL and HTML encode and decode text strings.
  • QR Builder
    • QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two dimentional bar code first used in the automotive industry. You now see these codes almost everywhere begging you to scan them. Use QR Builder to make a QR Code of your URL today!
  • Encrypt It
    • A future tool which will encrypt text using different encryption methods.
  • Password Generator